Jazz for Kids - 2019 June School Holiday Programme


On the back of its popular holiday programmes, D-Flat Studios will be launching the Jazz For Kids programme again, introducing the world of jazz to participants 9 to 14 years old. This time, the 3-day programme will give students the opportunity to engage in structured jazz improvisation, learning the rudiments of jazz chords and scales.

Parents will also get to enjoy the outcome - culminating in a showcase featuring all of the music and solos they would have learnt over the 9 sessions. Here we outline what they can expect to achieve, covering a range of topics from reading lead sheets to listening exercises.

Day 1. Jazz basics

Jazz is rooted in the listening tradition, breaking away from traditional note-reading and sight-reading. It communicates with its own notation, commonly known as lead sheets. Lead sheets are designed to facilitate improvisation, whilst dictating structure. We will also discuss at length the methodologies involved in playing tunes by ear. Playing by ear serves as the foundational skillset for an improvising musician. During this period, students will be challenged with learning a tune through a new approach.

Day 2. Some Standard repertoire

Armed with an understanding of the building blocks of jazz, students will be immersed with selected repertoire to kick off their jazz journey. Repeating simple 5-note phrases, applying them to different rhythms help generate improvisation ideas.

Day 3. Showcase Preparation

All that learning will be put on show on 28 June 2019, where parents can enjoy the fruits of their children’s work! Performance-based learning is critical and working towards a showcase will let students demonstrate their understanding. Above all, they will channel their creativity through improvisation. In this showcase, students will be challenged to work as an ensemble to produce a cohesive performance.

If your children are creative and have a basic understanding in music, this might be their chance to showcase their creativity and learn some useful techniques along the way!

Course Details

26 - 28 June 2019
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9am - 12am
Showcase on 28 June 2019, 12:00pm - 12:30pm
$190 for 3 sessions

Contact us at admin@dflat.com.sg or 6225 7175 for more information. Registration open at www.dflat.com.sg/booking.