Outstanding ABRSM Results - 50% Distinction!

D-Flat Studios' students put up a stellar showing in the first music exam season of 2018! 

In March 2018, 18 students presented themselves for the 1st session of the ABRSM theory and practical exams. The practical exams were held on site at our Tanglin Studio and the theory exams were held at Concorde Hotel. 

It was a fantastic showing - our students achieved a 100% pass rate for both examinations, with 50% of our practical students achieving a pass with Distinction from the examination board. 

Congratulations to all our candidates for attaining such excellent results! All that effort and hard work have been duly recognised. We must also appreciate the encouragement of parents who continually support the learning of our students. Deliberate practice and discipline pays off indeed! 

On to new musical challenges! 

(Not all candidates are in picture)