The Grand Hybrid Piano - CASIO GP500

This week, D-Flat Studios was pleased to have CASIO product specialist, Gregory Goh, over at our Tanglin studio to show us the capabilities of their instruments. And boy were we surprised! So much thought has been put into the learning design process, and customisation of the piano. The highlight of the day was the in-depth explanation on their flagship Grand Hybrid Piano, the CASIO Celviano GP-500. Here’s what we learnt. 


1. Designed to Feel and Sound like a Grand Piano


The GP-500 mimics the actual grand piano to a high degree. It features a variety of resonance and noise that is found when the grand piano is being played. Besides, the manufacturers also made sure that the fulcrum point on the hammers in the piano is the same as an actual grand piano. 


2. C. Beschstein? Steinway & Sons? Bösendorfer? How about all 3? 

Enjoy the clarity of a C. Bechstein piano? Or the brilliance of a Steinway? Or do you love the beautiful bass sounds on a Bösendorfer? This piano has all 3!



3. Enhancing Learning and Performance

Students will enjoy the features of the Grand Hybrid. For instance, Concert Play allows you to play a pre-composed piano part accompanied by an actual orchestra. Imagine playing Tchaikovsky's 1st Piano Concerto with a live orchestra! 

Additionally, students can practise their pieces hands-separately while the piano ‘plays’ the other hand on some classical all-time favourites. That will allow you to practise fingering and tempo whilst keeping time. Moreover, the Grand Hybrid allows students to record their playing, providing instantaneous review and feedback. 


4. Record and Write Your Own Songs

Looking for a high quality MIDI controller that can also be your primary instrument? The GP-500 comes with MIDI output that can capture all the music information you need. The hammers found in the piano itself would help to enhance your expression and articulation on the piano as you record with the GP-500. Another alternative would be to use the audio recording feature right from the piano itself which gives you uncompressed WAV files.

Connect the Grand Hybrid to your Garageband and you are on your way to becoming the next big time music producer! 


D-Flat Studios proudly owns 2 units of the CASIO Grand Hybrid, conducting some of our lessons and recitals on these instruments. 

If you are interested in trying out these instruments, visit our Tanglin Studio or call 6225-7175 to arrange a trial. We have attractive in-house promotions and discounts! Students enjoy further discounts. 


Play on and tinkle away!