It's a Wrap - Annual Recital 2019


Beethoven, one of the most revered composers of the Classical realm, once said, “To play a wrong note is insignificant, but to play without passion is inexcusable.” Last Saturday, D-Flat Studios was proud to present three passionate groups of performers for our Annual Recital - our young beginners, our exam candidates and also our adult enthusiasts!

Our recital day commenced with performances by our young beginners, aged 4 to 6. It was a heartening sight to see our young talents courageously taking the stage, introducing themselves, and delivering well-prepared performances despite their nerves. Each performance was met with rousing applause by parents, siblings and friends who delighted in watching their little ones present the fruits of their musical journey thus far. Other than piano solos, we even had some students who further expanded the boundaries of their comfort zone and chose to present a duet, improvise on the spot, or even accompany themselves while they sing!

Following our young beginners, the next group consisted of our exam candidates and intermediate students. For our exam candidates who are sitting for their upcoming ABRSM exams in March, the recital was a timely opportunity for them to gather valuable and necessary experience in performing in front of an audience and under pressure - an environment that is largely different from that of the classroom. It indeed proved to be an invaluable learning experience for the performers, revealing to them the “blind spots” at which they were more susceptible to making mistakes under performance pressure, but more importantly, teaching them the merit of moving on from a slip and finishing a performance strong and well.

The day concluded with performances from our adult enthusiasts who bonded a common love for music of all styles - our students presented repertoire ranging from Mando-pop songs, to Classical favourites, as well as pop hits. Despite the initial nerves and stage fright, our students quickly conquered their fears and found themselves performing comfortably in front of an audience with ceaseless encouragement from everyone present.

With the recital now over, D-Flat Studios wishes to thank all our friends and supportive parents who took time off to participate in our Annual Recital 2019. We would also like to congratulate all of our participating students for making the event a success and putting their best foot forward during the recital.

Here are some videos to check out!

In the meantime, Play on And Tinkle Away!!