4 Reasons Why D-Flat Studios is Singapore’s leading Music School


Keen to pursue music but don’t know where to start? Let us guide you from here. At D-Flat Studios, we are always trying to nurture potential musicians who have yet to be discovered. With over 10 years of experience teaching the art of music through piano and voice, we are confident in our methodology which is constantly being reviewed by our panel of dedicated teachers to stay on top of the latest music education. We also take pride with these few characteristics that are unique to us.


Physical Space

Our intimate and cosy learning spaces are popular amongst our students as well as parents of students. Both locations - Tanglin and Tiong Bahru - are designed to create the most conducive and engaging learning environment for our students. All of our classrooms are also equipped with high-quality instruments that align with the recommended specifications provided by major examinations boards in Singapore. In fact, the Tanglin studio is an accredited private examination centre for The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Our students sit for their exams on home ground, in our spacious The Orient room. They play on a high quality, British-made Cramer piano. 


Adult Beginner Group Classes

Suitable for adult beginners who are interested to learn the piano, or for those who wish to pick up the piano again, our syllabus teaches simple chords and rhythm, and equips students with the skills and musical bank to create their own piano arrangements for their favourite pop tunes, all in the period of 10 weeks. The group setting presents both an opportunity and a more effective learning experience where students can jam their favourite tunes with one another, making valuable memories along the way. Students who have completed the program can also opt to progress onto our Adult Intermediate Group Classes, which focuses on further expanding one’s musical vocabulary, and exploring in greater depth the topics previously featured in the beginner level.


Free Talks, Recitals and Masterclasses

In an effort to build a musical community, D-Flat Studios has been organising free talks on a range of musical topics in order to encourage non-music practitioners to start embracing this wonderful art form. Our talks and workshops are also suitable for parents who wish to support their child in their musical journey, but are not versed in the field of music. Check out our upcoming talk here! We understand that music has always been led with practice-based learning where practical experience is essential for all young musicians. Our answer to this - recitals and masterclasses. We strive to present our students with an opportunity to perform their very best in front of an audience. Our annual recital provides a platform for our students to evaluate themselves after a year of tutoring and also take part in collaborations among their peers and teachers. Our recently launched masterclasses also aim to provide a safe environment for our students to exchange feedback on their practice.

Give us a call at 6225 7175 or email us at admin@dflat.com.sg to let our team have an opportunity to answer your queries.

In the meantime, Play on and Tinkle Away!!