Scales & Arpeggios - They Are So Much Fun!


Every student LOVES scales & arpeggios! (Well, not all.) Required in just about every music exam, scales & arpeggios are a hallmark of a students’ learning journey. Our loving and patient teachers at D-Flat Studios will never tire of encouraging our students to kickstart their lessons by warming up with scales. Here’s why!

Scales are the Building Blocks of Music

Some of the world’s most recognisable melodies use scales. Chances are, you are already ‘practising’ scales when you hum your favourite tune. Melodies are often composed based on scale source which determines its tonality. Based on that scale, composers decide on chords that they can use to complement the melody.

Listen to the opening tune of Joy To The World by Celtic Women. Do you recognise that the melody is a descending major scale?

Improved Sight-Reading

The secret to sight reading is practise. With practise comes recognition of patterns. And the majority of music passages have scalic patterns associated with it. Virtually all material within a piece could be simplified into one or more scale sources. By having a good command of the relevant scale sources, you will be sight-reading these material more effectively by eliminating the obvious mistakes referring to the scale.

Scales Develop Finger Strength. With Strength comes Control.

There’s practically no better way to develop a good touch on the piano than by practising scales. We develop reliable muscle memory for common finger movements that improves tone control across the octaves. Simultaneously, we also develop fingering techniques that will lead us to be able to execute tricky phrases on the piano particularly those that are played at a fast tempo.

Arpeggios - the Bridge to Chords (for Pop Music)

Arpeggios are a good starting point for students who want to develop an understanding of accompaniment for tunes that they learnt by ear. Arpeggios are broken chords, providing harmony to melodies. Arpeggios are also good fills and licks one can infuse into their playing.

ABRSM Exams 2019

The teachers and staff at D-Flat Studios wish all candidates the very best for the ABRSM Practical Exams (Session 2) happening now! Remember to master those scales and arpeggios as it will improve your technique, making the entire exam very manageable!

Play on and Tinkle Away!