Our Philosophy


Passion For Excellence

We are dedicated in helping our students achieve their best musical selves. We do this by focussing on developing Sight-Reading and Aural skills. Young students who start on our Piano for Children are introduced to singing exercises, developing their musicianship and musical sensitivities.

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Inspire Trust

Teaching music is a sacred trust. To maintain that trust, we have to deliver the best pedagogy. Students and parents must be happy with their learning and our service, that they have no choice but to recommend us to their friends.


Grow A Musical Community

Our students are engaged beyond the classroom, as we create a performance-based learning environment. This is done through recitals, concerts, masterclasses, talks and our Professional Series. This runs in line with the Ministry of Education’s philosophy of ECA learning - Experiential, Conceptual and Application.


Develop Discipline

All art forms are rooted in the classics, and the classics must be rooted in technique, developed through discipline. We teach our students to learn the rules of music, before encouraging them to break them later in their education.


Enabled by Technology

To keep abreast with best practices and learning methods, we harness EduTech by curating Theory and Sight-Reading applications into our lessons. Students are also able to access reference performances and interpretations through technology.